Neil Anderson, roof restoration expertPromax’s Managing Director Neil Anderson, began his working life as a carpentry apprentice and 2 years after qualifying he started a building business in partnership which thrived in Oamaru for 18 years with many notable buildings to their credit.

Neil’s attraction to Promax Coating Systems was the high quality products specifically designed to suit different substrates, not a “one coat fits all” type of  solution but a carefully thought out, scientifically designed roof restoration process that produces a result anyone can be proud of.

Since owning the business Neil has enhanced the quality assurance system, ensuring that at each critical stage the completed work meets clear specifications. He is committed to keeping Promax’s reputation as a leading provider in the roof restoration market in Otago.

Promax’s office is located at 5 Largo Avenue, South Dunedin.  Manager Neil Anderson is joined by Administration Manager Michelle and an experienced team of Roof Assessors including Shannon and Wayne. We also have a team of highly skilled tradesmen to carry out all repairs and apply our unique Coating Systems, to ensure the best possible roof restoration.

Call in for a visit to see some examples of our coatings on actual roofing material and feel the strength, flexibility and durability for yourself.

Make sure you download a copy of our free report, “Save your Roof” so you get all the details and find out about some restored roofs near you.

For more information on the basics of roof maintenance, see our Guide to Roof Maintenance page.