What We Do

Promax Roof Restoration System

A Promax coating uses flexible bonded polymers, up to 10 times thicker than 3 coats of paint. The space-age ceramic pigments will not fade in the harsh Dunedin sun. Promax first performs all necessary roofing repairs, then apply a sequence of treatments so that the final result is a proper roof restoration that will protect your home, commercial or industrial building from the elements well into the future.

See the video on the right for more details on Promax’s exclusive treatment system.

Do not be fooled by poor imitations or settle for lesser quality products, a genuine Promax Roof Restoration is a comprehensive process using traditional and correct structural repairs overlaid with high-tech coatings proven to endure in our conditions. Just get a copy of our free report “Save your Roof” to find out more details and check out some local Dunedin examples.

Protect, Preserve and Add Value with a genuine Promax Roof Restoration

  • Flexible Polymer 10X Thicker than Paint
  • No-Fade Ceramic Pigments
  • Genuine 15 yr Warranty
  • A Fraction the cost of re-roofing

We also provide other water-proofing solutions such as impermeable membranes for tank liners or external walls and beautiful deck shield surfaces that won’t leak.

Our comprehensive range of roofing services includes:

  • Tile Replacement to prevent ceiling collapse
  • Crack and Grout Repairs to stop water entry
  • Moss and Lichen Removal to halt roof erosion
  • Rust Removal to stop the rot
  • Water Blasting to clean things properly
  • Full Roof Restoration which is a fraction the cost of re-roofing

When you want to save your roof and save some money, just call Promax.